Loved and Local

New & Improved Revitalization is Underway

Caves Valley Partners is unlocking the potential of Baltimore’s beloved Village of Cross Keys.  We are excited to reinvigorate this iconic location with new and unique restaurants, cafes, boutiques, services, offices, and upscale living.  A fresh, updated look and a curated collection of tenants will solidify Cross Keys as Baltimore’s destination for shopping, dining, and gathering.

Historic Baltimore Village

Since James Rouse opened it in 1965, The Village of Cross Keys has remained a premier gathering place with boutique shops, eateries, and a variety of local businesses. It’s a destination that evokes nostalgia and childhood memories—many know it as the place their mothers used to shop. Since the beginning, Cross Keys has served as an escape from the bustle of Baltimore, a tucked-away community off of I-83 that offers elevated shopping, dining, and family experiences for city and county residents alike. Honoring the past as we look to the future, our goal continues to be for our visitors to create and remember life’s milestones at Cross Keys.


Caves Valley Partners is a Baltimore-based real estate development company with a mission to revitalize The Village of Cross Keys.